This is an awesome guide to learn affiliate marketing for 2021 and beyond.

In this in-depth guide we will cover:

  • What is affiliate marketing?
  • Best affiliate networks to join
  • How to promote affiliate products?
  • Tips that drives the most success
  • And Much More…

So, If you want to know how to make money with affiliate marketing, you’ll love this guide.

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Affiliate Marketing

If you think making money is possible only when you’re working nine to six, I’m here to tell you that’s not the whole truth. There are bloggers, there are people, who are actually making money by following their passion. 

And they’re doing it with the help of blogging and affiliate marketing. 

And today, I’m here to tell you all about affiliate marketing.

let’s get started.

Table of Content

  • what is affiliate marketing?
  • Who can learn affiliate marketing? And How it will help you?
  • How Best Affiliate Networks to join
  • How to promote affiliate products?
  • How Affiliate marketing tips for beginners
  • Conclusion
Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is one of the oldest forms of digital marketing, where you basically promote a product, and when a user purchases the product. You get a commission. And, this is one model that has been highly utilized by bloggers, YouTubers, podcaster, to make a living.

Now, let’s understand affiliate marketing with one basic example. So, what happens when you’re looking for a new flat to rent or to buy? You go to a property dealer or a real estate agent. Now, this real estate agent shows you a lot of properties, a lot of flats, and when you pick one, when you come from that well, “This is the flat I’m gonna buy,” then that’s where they get a commission.

Now, this is the offline model of an affiliate of the commission. And bring the same model online and that is what affiliate marketing is.

Now the benefit is, in online marketing, you are not limited to a particular space. If you have internet and laptop, you can start using affiliate marketing to build an empire.

Now, here are a few things that you should know.

Affiliate marketing is free to join for anyone and everyone. It doesn’t matter which part of the world you are from.

What is your current situation?

If you are 12-year-old or if you are 42-year-old, you can actually join affiliate marketing.

All you need to do is find a product to promote. You need to have a marketing channel where you will be promoting the product. That could be a blog, YouTube channel, or podcast. You can also use PPC, email marketing, many other methods. which we will discuss in this article.

In affiliate marketing, two parties are involved. 

  1. Merchant or an Affiliate Network: It could be Amazon or Flipkart or Vcommission.
  2. Affiliate: Will be you, as an affiliate marketer. Where you will be promoting the products of the merchant through a special affiliate link. So when someone purchases a product through your affiliate link, you get a commission, that is, you make money.

Almost all popular companies use affiliate marketing to drive customers. Be it Amazon, Flipkart, Ola, Uber, Swiggy, FoodPanda, Zomato- almost all popular companies are doing it.

Who can learn affiliate marketing? And How it will help you?

You don’t need any special qualifications, you don’t need any technical background. All you need is one laptop, or a computer, and an internet connection.

The biggest benefit is definitely online earning on autopilot or generate passive income. The best part about affiliate marketing is that you are making money from the comfort of your home.

There is no age limit, no massive course fee, only your willingness to learn, and your willingness to earn money online. Today our websites are driving free traffic every month from Google and making our affiliate commission.

So now let’s talk about which affiliate network to focus on.

There are thousands of affiliate networks in the market. So which one should you choose? While there are more complicated ones like Clickbank and Commission Junction, where

you need the knowledge of advanced digital marketing in order to make money. This is because the competition is just way too high.

So I want to share with you guys the 5 best affiliate programs that I would join today if I were a beginner or starting from scratch or starting from zero buyers.

Best Affiliate Network to join

  1. Amazon Associates ( .in is highly recommended for India )
  2. Flipkart affiliate
  3. Vcommision
  4. Shareasale 
  5. Impact

For beginners, who are just starting out, the one I recommend is Amazon Associate. It’s easy to run and promote and now I’ll be showing you why you should be focusing only on Amazon.in.

  • Amazon is the world’s biggest e-commerce website.
  • Amazon.com is driving more than 2.5B visitors per month.
  • Amazon.in is driving more than 360M people per month.

If You Decide on your affiliate network and the product you want to sell, the next big question is how you can drive traffic to affiliate website and earn commission?

How To Promote Affiliate Products?

There are many ways to promote your product with advertising or without advertising. Here we will break down every method you can use to promote your product.

So, if you promote any product or service the most important thing is targetted traffic. ( Maybe to your blog or Landing Page ). We use these methods personally, which are listed below.

1. Website Or Blog: According to Forbes, research, 45% of people read reviews and search about products before making a purchase ( it can be varied with categories). There is a big opportunity for me and you. you can create a website or blog, where you can educate your potential customer or write a review about your affiliate product. This is the best method to promote your affiliate product because it gives you high-quality free traffic. But the conditions are your website and blog or article is optimized for search engines.

2. Email Marketing: this term sounds technical, but it is the second-best method for promoting affiliate products. In this method, you collect emails from your potential customers by lead pages and then provide them free value in emails. After providing free value you can suggest a related affiliate product. It sounds like a lot of work but you can do this by email automation. In this method users more likely to purchase because you gain the trust in them by providing free value.

3. Advertising: Some affiliate merchants provide facility that you can directly promote their products using PPC and other advertising methods like facebook advertising, native advertising.

4. Youtube Channel: you can open a youtube channel in your niche. In your youtube channel, you can post videos on topics like a review, unboxing, pros and cons, or comparison.

5. Social Media: you can become an influencer or authority person in your niche by providing free value and promote your products there.

Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginners

1. Know Your Audience:  You should promote only such products and services that match the needs and wants of your audience you should educate your audiences to your products through reviews or any other relevant content the more relevant the content you offer to your audiences the more compelled the audiences will get. 

 2. Provide High Valuable ContentThe more valuable content you will provide the more inclined audiences will get towards taking action if you are promoting certain products provide a useful and detailed review about it this will motivate the reader in buying it as a course of action a piece of non-useful information, on the other hand, will drive the traffic away from your website altogether and you will not be able to make a sale.

3. Don’t Take ShortcutsYou should always try and promote products that you believe and are worth endorsing provide genuine and valuable content these ways you can build the relationship of trust with your audiences the trust factor will bring in more people through recommendations thus increasing the revenue for only choose the best products you should give timely consideration and choose the products or services wisely keeping in view what your readers may like best you will figure it out over time that which formula attracts more attention

5. Focus On QualityThe content should be relevant and must be given the highest priority valuable and useful content will make the visitors come back each and every time so focuses on the most accurate and flawless yet most relevant content.

6. Promote Digital ProductsPromoting digital information products is highly recommended as they can instantly be accessed by customers while they offer much higher commission rates as compared to physical products.


Affiliate marketing is a good way to earn money online and make a living, but before you start counting your commission earnings, there are a lot of things to be done.

you need to find the products or services you want to promote, identify your target audience’s needs, and adjust your website for affiliate marketing purposes. Get a massive commission from promoting other products, don’t run for commission percentage rather than build a loyal audience in your niche or industry to make most out of it.


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