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content marketing

Traditional marketing is dying.It has become less and less effective to run traditional marketing.

And the solution is content marketing. We’ll be talking about content marketing,in this guide. so let’s get started.Especially for the last few years, content marketing has specifically gained a lot of popularity. But I’ve seen that majority of the people don’t really understand what content marketing is, or they just think that content marketing is a different kind of advertisement.

But content marketing is quite different from the traditional form of marketing.In the paid media channel you are directly showing your advertisement towards target customers and then you are driving those people to your landing pages or to your website selling them something.

In content marketing, instead of directly driving the customers to your product, you first provide value and rather a lot of value to the customer.

Table of Content


  • What Is Content Marketing
  • Why Do You Need To Create Content?
  • What Types Of Content To Produce
  • How To Create Content Marketing Strategy?
  • Tips To Increase Your ROI With Content Marketing
  • Conclusion
content marketing

What Is Content Marketing?


Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience. three words are extremely important, valuable, relevant, and consistent content. Like any other marketing strategy, you need to be relevant to the audience.

For example, let’s say if you are selling a guitar. But if you are showing your advertisement or if you’re showing your content to an audience who is more interested in cat food, then definitely no one will buy your product. So your content needs to be relevant, it needs to be valuable to make sense. Quality content and with consistency is what make you successful in content marketing.

Why Do You Need To Create Content?

The attention span of people has been decreasing year by year Because of so many distractions, with mobile phones, and tablets and laptops and continuous notifications, it’s very hard to keep the attention of a customer, or rather a prospective customer.

So you have to produce high-quality content that is relevant, and that too on a consistent basis so that your customers can create a bond with your content.

Content Marketing Benefits: 

  • Improve Brand trust and it’s reputation
  • Amazing content helps influence conversion
  • Creating content around your product can generate cost-effective leads
  • Your customer and leads need content to understand your product or service
  • Content is important in every part of your marketing funnel.

What Type Of Content to Produce?

Different types of content can help you connect with different customers in a number of ways. In many cases, a variety of content types is ideal for reaching and connecting with users at different points of the marketing funnel.

  • Blogging: you can start a blog related to your niche where you can publish an article around your product and industry.
  • Videos: create how-to, unboxing, and educational video and upload it on youtube and other video sharing platforms to leverage video marketing. 
  • Infographic: create beautiful infographics with canva and publish it on your blog and Pinterest.
  • Case studies: create long case studies about how other brands are successful by using your product.
  • White papers:  White papers are information-dense content that can offer solutions and data on a particular subject. The focus here is all on the details.
  • PodcastWhile podcasting is becoming more popular, there’s also a lot of opportunities to turn the written word into audio content.
  • EbookEbooks can be five pages long or thirty pages long, but they must offer value. you can use ebooks as lead magnets.

– How to Create Content Marketing Strategy?

Here are some methodologies you should be doing with a content marketing strategy.

Knowing Your Audience:Content is all about writing and creating content for a particular audience.Define your target audience like their Age, Gender, Education, Income, Interest etc.

Create High-Quality Content: It’s very important to create high-quality content than your competitors. High-quality content benefits you with:

  • Increase in brand reach an increase in social media shares
  • Gain leads and sales
  • Improve website ranking
  • Gain more trust of your customer

High-quality content involves

  • Brainstorm topics and terms
  • Use keyword research tool (to find what is searched by your potential customer)
  • Create a catchy headline
  • Add resource from well-known sites 
  • Use short paragraphs 
  • Optimized for mobile-first design
  • Avoid grammatical mistakes
  • Add clear CTA to end of the content

Consistently Run A/B Test: It is important for the increase in conversion rate and to understand your audience’s psychographics.

So next time you produce more of that type of content to grow and scale your business with content marketing.

4 Elements to Split Test:

  • Images
  • Content length
  • Signup forms
  • CTA’s

Conduct a Competitor Analysis: competitor analysis can help you to improve your strategy and conversion rate and beat your competitors by doing more with quality and consistency. 

In competitor analysis, things that need to consider


  • Engagement on the website  – total visit, avg. visit duration, bounce rate.
  • Traffic source: by country, by social media, by search, by paid advertising
  • Audience: also visited website, demographics, interest
  • Backlink profile: what types of website they are linking to 

Social media:

  • What types of content they are putting on their different social media channels
  • Consider what types of content gets most engagement
  • Their following in social media 
  • Go to their social media channels comment section and find what their customer is asking or problem they face with that content.

Choose a Suitable Content Format: Decide what types of content you want to put on your website and social media. Some of the most popular content format that marketer create are below:

  • Blog post 
  • Ebook
  • Case study
  • Infographic
  • Podcast
  • Video

Choose Content Management SystemChoose where you plan,produce,manage,publish and measure your result in one place. Some of the best content management software are

  • WordPress for website
  • Trello for team management
  • Google calendar for plan content
  • Buffer for Social Media Management 

Promote Content to Reach More People:

Target your audience using emails: emails help us to communicate directly with our target audience and convert them into leads.some  of the email content you can share:

  • Newsletter
  • Seasonal emails 
  • Promotional emails
  • Automated series of emails

Use advertising: use social media advertising and youtube advertising. Also you can ad with native ads. Some of the best ad platforms

  • Google ads – search, display, video, shopping 
  • Facebook ads – facebook, instagram, igtv
  • Taboola ads – for native ads

Measure Your Performance

Measuring and analyzing the performance of your content on a continual basis is essential. measuring the right metrics can help you understand whether your content is engaging or not.

Basic metric to measure

Website – By Google Analytics

  • Pageviews
  • Unique pageviews
  • Bounce rate
  • Dwell time
  • Source
  • Demographic of user

Social media – By Buffer

  • Impression
  • Reach
  • Link clicks
  • Like to comment ratio
  • Follower gain/loose
  • Video views
  • Shares 

Emails – Mailchimp

  • Open rates
  • Link clicks

Tips to Increase Your ROI with Content Marketing

1-Recognize your best stages: (blog, medium, Facebook, youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, email, text, and so on.) – where are your clients? 

2-Make your rhythm: (what to post when on what stages – keep assortment.) Post 1-3 times every day.

3-Record as you go: Document your journey like what you do, how you do, your lifestyle, etc.

4-Make your week by week posting plan format: At that point utilize that layout to compose and configuration posts every day or week ahead of time. In the event that you utilize the thought library, this procedure is quite quick. Keep in mind, to report and post continuously as you go also.  

5-Utilize your time: Use Buffer to plan your posts ahead of time, additionally announcing and commitment instruments worked in to spare time.

6-Make a point to invest energy in commitment, don’t simply post content, really be social, similar to, remark, follow and draw in with the network.

7-Track your outcomes, make modifications

8-Brand your foundation, incorporate call-to-activities and data so individuals can make next step. 


With amazing content marketing, you can reach your target audience/potential customers and increase conversions. There are several ways to market with content to boost revenue, grow your brand awareness and recognition, and build relationships with your prospects and customers.

To get started, determine which type of content works best for your business and audience, and develop a content marketing strategy to begin boosting your bottom line today.



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