This is the complete guide that will teach you about email marketing for 2021 and beyond.

In this in-depth guide we will cover:

  • What is email marketing?
  • Types of email
  • How to collect emails? And send them in bulk with automation?
  • And Much More…

So, If you want to know how to engage and double your revenue with email marketing, you’ll love this guide.

Let’s get to dive into it.

email marketing

Email marketing is still without a doubt one of the most effective ways to drive sales and increase revenues. Email marketing works it doesn’t matter whether you’re in a business to consumer or business to business market.

The fact is the people you’re trying to reach all likely use email. An email list is a list of people who’ve signed up to receive emails from you. the most important part here is that they’ve given you permission to contact them through their email accounts which means they actually do want to hear from you.

Typically these email addresses are managed through a software service that allows you to keep them organized and send out messages to all of them at the same time which saves you an incredible amount of time and also allows you to track which messages were opened which weren’t and if anywhere marked as spam.

Table of Content

  • What is email marketing?
  • Types Of Emails
  • How To Collect Emails And distribute emails in bulk?
  • How Things need to consider when you write engaging emails
  • Tips to follow that drive most success
  • Conclusion
email marketing

What is Email Marketing?

In simple words, Email Marketing is a tool that let us:

  • Provide value to users in the form of content.
  • Direct users through each step of the customer journey when they get stuck.

Types Of Emails

There are really only 3 types of email that a normal user gets in their inbox.

1. Transactional Email: This type of email you get when you purchased a product or service on an e-commerce store and it’s auto-generated with the help of tools.

This email includes:

  • Receipts
  • Order confirmation
  • Forget password
  • Shipping details

2. Content Email: This type of email user only gets when they subscribed to particular that website for the content they love.

This email includes:

  • Welcome email
  • New blog post
  • Lead magnets
  • Newsletters

3. Conversion Email: Generally this type of email sent by the sender to promote their product and service.

This email includes:

  • Promotions
  • Sales
  • Affiliate offers
  • Product launch

How To Collect Targeted Emails And distribute them in bulk?

When you are starting to build your email list, think like a consumer” why should they give you their email address?”

When you are building an emails list, remember three things:
1. you have to reach people
2. you have to collect their email
3. they are the right people

Building an email list is very important because you can’t rely on social media and search engine algorithm. We have researched various ways to collect email addresses, but here are the best ways to collect email addresses.

  • Offer an Amazing lead magnet
  • Use popups to make your forms more prominent
  • Offer free tutorial videos
  • Promote your newsletter signup
  • Offer free ebook
  • Host a free webinar
  • Use Facebook and Instagram ads

Let’s talk a little bit about email distribution now. So there are three different types of email, but there’s really only two means of distribution.

  1. Broadcast Email
  2. Automated Email

Most of your email should be automated but there is a difference between broadcast and automated email. let’s talk about these differences first.

Broadcast Email: you should only broadcast two types of email. Great content suitable for your entire list, and promotions. this allows us to send out content and messaging that is much more specific and relevant. Instead of just blasting out everything that you have, you want to be sending them emails based on what they’re interested in, and based on the actions that they take on your website. 

Automated Email: Receipts, order confirmation, welcome email, or a value sequence are some examples of automated email. This can be done with tools like Mailchimp Or Convertkit.

Things Need To Consider When You Write Engaging Emails

Remember this thing when you are writing your email Subject line:

  • Personalize your subject line with the name
  • Use power words
  • Use digits (Numerical)
  • Create scarcity with your subject line
  • Appeal to Your Reader’s Emotions

Remember this thing when you are writing your email body:

  • Keep it short
  • Add personal touch
  • Write with the end in mind
  • Ask question
  • Use persuasive words like “you”
  • Add a simple call to action
  • Always don’t sell and provide value
  • Choose great images for your Newsletter and Email

TO REDUCE TO LAND IN SPAM IN USER INBOX: Include the Unsubscribe button and your emails signature at the footer of your emails

Tips To Follow That Drive Most Success

1. Build targeted lists: Don’t ever shotgun email out just a broad list. You wanna have very targeted lists of people that have opted in that want your content. It’s so important to have that because if you don’t, you’re gonna have a high unsubscribe rate and a high spam rate, and you’re gonna run into problems if you start to see that.

2. Don’t wait, Automate: Really think about your drip campaigns in advance. Who are you gonna send to, and what are you going to send? So in other words, the type of content you send to potential customers or leads is gonna be different than the type of content you send to your actual customers. And then also, think about just things like general campaigns. What are you gonna send on the holidays? Maybe you’re gonna send things on their birthdays. What are the promotions you’re gonna run for the year? You can think about all this stuff in advance, lay in that content strategy, and that email strategy ahead of time so that it’s there and it’s automated.

I’ve found that if you just wait to send at the moment, you generally don’t send, and you also kinda hurry through it and you don’t send the best content. If you really think through the type of content people wanna see, you can build out that inventory and that drip campaign in advance, so it’s all automated and ready to go.

3. Personalize: Email software has ways of basically dynamically inserting names and other information into the emails. This adds a level of personalization. So you’re gonna wanna do that with your emails because it’s gonna do things like increase your opening rate, increase your click-through rate, and just increase your results overall. Even just by inserting somebody’s name, it’s gonna make it more personalized to make them feel more comfortable with the content. You can do that with most email software out there.

4. Design For Mobile: Make sure that your emails look good and load well on mobile because most people are checking their email on their phones now not necessarily their computer. 

so you wanna have an email that looks good on the small screen, also make sure your main message is above the fold so on your phone, that’s not a lot of real estates, you’re gonna wanna make sure you have your main call to action, main selling points above the fold.

5. Catchy Subject Line: subject line is all somebody’s gonna see initially, they don’t see the contents of your email, they just see the subject in their email box.

So you’re gonna wanna make sure that’s catchy and enticing for the user to click on, put yourself in their shoes, what would you wanna see, what would compel you to open that email and make sure that’s your subject line. also, studies show if you insert their first name in that subject dynamically, it’s gonna increase your opening ratio significantly.

6. Time And Frequency To send your Emails: just think about what time your customers are most likely gonna see those emails and open those emails, make sure to schedule yours sends to be in line with that.

7. Test Before Send: you can always do a test, send it to your friend, send it to your business partner, whoever, have them check it, click the links in the email, read it, proofread it, make sure it looks good before you send it to everybody because when you send it to everybody, there’s no going back.

8. Study Results And Analyze Data: Look at the things like open rates on emails, past emails, the times that you sent it, and engagement. all email marketing software has metrics that they provide on every campaign so you can really track your results and see the effectiveness of it. make sure you look at that and then optimize and use that data for future campaigns to make them even better.


Alongside other marketing channels email gives you direct access to your customers this means you can create a message specifically for them and have it delivered straight to their inbox at the click of a button. email is also an everyday part of our lives now and most people check it at least once a day.

Content is key to achieving your goal. write shorter paragraphs and always make only one call to action at one time. Also, pictures are a great way to catch your readers’ attention and encourage them to keep reading. When coupled with a catchy title, they can go a long way in increasing open rates.

Finally, when sending out your emails, remember to think about timing and frequency. Don’t exhaust your subscribers with constant emails. They’ll unsubscribe.it is best if you send one email per month along with your promotional email.


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